The snow season has officially kicked off in Southern California with the annual Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails at Bear Mountain this past weekend. If you missed the live contest videos and performances by DJ Snoopadelic, Method Man and Redman, and Andrew W.K., check in with Eddie Wall and the TransWorld Staff for all the action and interviews above.

Video highlights from the podium feature Francis Jobin, Jaeger Bailey, Benny Milam, Madison Blackley, Lenny Mazzotti, and many more including Halldor Helgason, Zak Hale, Matt Williams, Yuya Akada, Masato Toda, Jordan Small, Chris DePaula, Ozzy Henning, Jaromie Nolan, Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Oliver Dixon, Brady Lem, Jordan Morse, Nora Beck, Tim Humphreys, Ben Bilodeau, Johnny Miller, and Denis Leontyev.


Women’s Podium:
Madison Blackley

Men’s Podium:
1. Francis Jobin
2. Jaeger Bailey
3. Benny Milam
Best Trick. Lenny Mazzotti

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