By now, you’ve seen The Fourth Phase, the epic film from Travis Rice and Red Bull Media House. But what you may have missed was all the behind the scenes action, and an intimate look into what actually went into geting those insane shots. That's where the GoPro Perspectives series comes in. Shot through POVS, this series give a first-person view what goes into accessing and riding lines  in The Fourth Phase. Some people think that this series is better than the actual film. That’s a bold statement– we'll let you make the call.

Check out the first video above and watch the rest of the series below.

The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice : GoPro Perspectives – Wyoming: Life on Mars EP. 2

Travis Rice has been seeking out the snowiest, feature-rich zones in the Wyoming backcountry for years, and this episode of GoPro Perspectives drops us right into the thick of it with Travis and The Fourth Phase crew.

The Fourth Phase Travis Rice – GoPro Perspectives : Japan- Peaks, Pillows and Pow Ep. 3

Travis and longtime partner-in-crime Mark Landvik push the boundaries of the Japanese Alps on huge pillow lines as they chase the notoriously deep powder of this supernatural country. Mark's sense of humor shines brightly bringing out the lighter side of Travis – and unveiling a friendship built on decades of missions in the backcountry. Playful moments between Travis and Mark are juxtaposed with dicey terrain during their ongoing chase to find the perfect storm.

Travis Rice GoPro Perspectives Ep. 4 – Alaska : The Reciprocal Loop

This GoPro series comes full circle as Travis Rice and his fierce, but fresh-faced friend, Victor de Le Rue tackle some of Alaska's most challenging terrain. With a team including the legendary Jeremy Jones, Victor learns from his mentors and pushes himself like never before to get the shot. Victor's segment is followed by an epilogue summarizing the best GoPro moments from the multi-year Red Bull Media House movie.

From GoPro:
GoPro presents a four-part series – ‘GoPro Perspectives: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice’ – which lends an intimate view of what it’s like to be Travis Rice, as he drops in on some of the world’s biggest lines during the filming of this Red Bull Media House production.

By tapping into Travis’ mindset – much of the time through his head cam – we come to understand the skill and calculation that is essential to getting the shot and staying safe in the backcountry.
At its core, this series highlights some of the best action from “The Fourth Phase,” but it is also very much about the necessary friendship between Travis and his fellow riders – Eric Jackson, Mark Landvik and Victor de Le Rue.

Each episode begins with a raw moment that’s best captured from the GoPro point of view. In this partnership with Red Bull Media House, GoPro has searched through nearly two years of the best GoPro footage to reveal this story to the action sports community.

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