Xavier De Le Rue’s DIY Series : Episode 3

What happens when you follow Xavier De Le Rue into terrain that may be outside your comfort zone? You better be ready for it. See how Beanie De Le Rue, Xavier's wife, navigates her way through the steep and deep in Episode 3 of DIY.

Words: Beanie De Le Rue

Xavier De Le Rue’s vision of the world – of what’s possible and not possible; what’s enticing and what’s not – could be considered a step removed from most people’s.

Xavier operates on a different level than most of us, so in turn, his reality is fundamentally different from ours.

In episode three of his DIY series, we see his world in a different way, though my eyes, as I go well outside my comfort zone in Xavier's footsteps.

With plans to travel far and wide across Europe, the snow had other ideas. Falling continuously in the Haute-Savoie region, in particular in Chamonix, Xavier found himself returning to the mecca of steep skiing with the alpine guide/skiers Tony Lamiche and Alex Pittin.

Our team navigated the ‘Giapete’ and ‘Chevalier’ couloirs with visible ease, and I followed their tracks, but found myself in a steeper environment than I was comfortable with: 40 degree steepness for 350m – with a very steep top section of 55 degrees and a narrow rock funnel exit at the bottom that didn’t allow for the slightest mistake. See what happens in the edit above.

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