FLF Presents Critical Condition : Full Movie

Fall Line Films Presents Their Snowboarding Classic, Critical Condition

From FLF:
In a world of deception, full of Milli Vanillis, Vanilla Ices and other fruit-flavored frauds, we at Fall-Line Films figured it was time to give the snowboarding public the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We’ve gone deep into the lives of snowboarding’s true rippers to see what scares, thrills and makes them laugh. We’re not going to cheat the public into believing in something that’s not. This is the whole story: highs and lows, landings and crashes, the most spectacular display of snowboarding ever captured on film.

Locations: Big Mountain, MT, Squaw Valley, CA, Mt. Baker, WA, Mt. Bachelor, OR, Blackcomb, BC, Rikgransen, Sweden, Japan.
Riders: Chris Roach, Damian Sanders, Dave Hatchett, Dave Seoane, Mike Hatchett, Mike Ranquet, Nick Perata, Noah Salasnek, Shawn Farmer, Shawn Palmer, Steve Graham, Tucker Fransen