First Turns in Tahoe : Life of Lemi

Snow is Falling in Tahoe : Lemi Gets the Goods

The early season stoke-O-meter is at an all-time high as fresh flakes are falling in Tahoe, Mammoth, Whistler, Jackson and beyond. While all this snow is more than welcomed at every resort, perhaps those that are most excited for the white fluffy stuff are in Tahoe. After a notoriously lucklaster season, with resorts closing early due to low-snow, all this new pow is getting many in the area amped to shred.

Jeremy Landy, aka Lemi, went out and got the first turns of his season at Mt. Rose. As wet, heavy flakes fell, he managed to get a couple slashes in, and then he and his crew pulled out the wooden jibs and got after it on the rainbow rail and a few other features. Yeah, the filming is bit shaky, and there's water spots on the lens, but give 'em a break—This was their first day out slaying this season, and damn, we're jealous. Check it all out in the edit above.

Rumor has it Boreal may open this Friday, and Mammoth, which is scheduled to open next Wednesday, may actually open this weekend also. They just received two feet, so if it keeps coming down and temperatures stay cold, they'll open earlier than planned.  We'll keep you posted.

First Turns in Tahoe

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