The Trick was Stomped at Nine Queens in Austria

Klaudia Medlova, 21, made history by stomping a double backside rodeo on a jump during the Nine Queens event in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria last week.

Medlova stomped the trick on the massive castle-themed jump during the progressive invite-only event in Austria. She hit the jump, dumped it over twice, grabbed mute and landed the trick smooth and stylishly.

While other lady riders have landed doubles in their day, no lady has landed a trick of this exact nature, forever etching Medlova’s name into the snowboard history books.

Kimmy Fasani was the first female to land a double backflip back in 2011, Anna Gasser has her Cab double cork on lock, Elena Hight spins alley-oop double rodeos in the pipe, and Aimee Fuller, Christy Prior and others have similar doubles,  but none quite mirror Medlova’s double backside rodeo on a straight jump.

Check out the edit above which features the trick, along with Jamie Anderson’s front 1080 mute, which marks the first time she’s stomped that trick to the bolts.

The Nine Queens event just wrapped, so stay tuned for more updates and videos coming out of Austria.