Fingers Crossed Teaser: Taylor Godber and Claudia Avon

Taylor Godber and Claudia Avon: Fingers Crossed Teaser

No denying last season was brutal for many parts of North America as deep days were scarce. If you wanted fresh snow, you had to seek it out, and make sure you were in the the right place at the right time. With a desire to crush the deepest pow and get those sweet, soft turns, Taylor Godber and Claudia Avon set out on a mission though the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Austria and even scored a couple days in Alaska late season. Their travels paid off and they were able to get the goods, and they documented it all with with the help of Bruce Johnson and Ryan Kenny.

Check out the teaser for Fingers Crossed, a three-part series that dives into the lives of these two shred chicks and documents their season; from struggles to triumphs all along their quest for powder.

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