Rome Snowboards Presents : Find Snowboarding : Norway

For the third Find Snowboarding trip Rome Snowboards set-out on a European road trip with a destination of Norway. Generally speaking road trips have pretty clear objectives, get from point A to point B with minimum pitstops. This is not your typical road trip. Starting in Munich Will Lavigne and Thomas Delfino headed north with a final destination of Fogelfonna glacier in Norway. Cliff jumping, river surfing, skating every time the car stopped, and even a quick session at a snow dome along the way. Once they arrived at Fogelfonna it was on. Stale Sandbech, Len Jorgensen, and Toni Kerkela were ready to show Rome what Fogelfonna had to offer. This is the tale of that road trip, the camaraderie, adventure, excitement and the unforgettable snowboarding that happens each summer at the Folgefonna glacier. Interview with Thomas Delfino and William Lavigne

Who did you have the best session with?

Thomas Delfino – We had such an amazing crew up there. Toni, Stale, Will, Len, the young Sindre, and all the locals. I think the best sessions was when we were all together riding on the same feature. And it lasted two weeks long.

William Lavigne  – Most of the time we were just lapping the park and following each other. Everyone is pretty chill and fun to ride with. The whole crew stay together the entire time pretty much. It takes 10/15 minutes to do a run so you can catch up with everyone pretty easily.

What was the hardest trick to land?

Thomas Delfino – I didn’t try anything really hard, I just tried to have as much fun as possible on each feature. On the hip I tried this “rollo” (kind of backflip) and you can’t really see it on the video but I landed where there was no more landing. haha.

William Lavigne  – I didn't spend to much time trying one trick over and over. We were doing laps and having fun. Theo was set up to do follow cam so we mainly did that.


When did you feel on top of the world during this trip?

Thomas Delfino – When you’re on the top of Folgefonna glacier, the landscape is so majestic. And if you keep pushing, hiking a bit more, you’ll find an amazing lake where the glacier literally runs into it. There is this massive iced wall straight in the water. And when you are here, you feel pretty small. This is such a beautiful place.

William Lavigne  – Everytime up on the mountain was sick, riding the hip, the bottom jump, camping on the beach and swimming in the ocean in the morning in Sweden, surfing the river wave in Munich, visiting Christiana in Copenhagen and skating the bowl, the red light district in Hamburg...

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

Thomas Delfino – Surely not when this big bad ass fish was on my line.

William Lavigne  – I never felt like giving up, it was sometimes a little tiring in the beginning since we were driving so much. We had so little time in every city and wanted to do everything possible, we didn't sleep much. It was Soccer World Cup at the same time. Every nights we'd go watch the game and drink until late and leave early next morning. Before or after we'd try to skate somewhere or visit something typical from the city. Can't really complain about that...Once we made it to Fonna, it was snowboarding and sometimes fishing. Can't complain about that either hehe!


What was the best feature?

Thomas Delfino – I would say the Hip. The session was so good. It took us a bit of time and energy to shape it correctly, but then we all threw down some nice moves. Everybody was stoked on each try. And we stayed up there pretty late actually. That was very cool.

William Lavigne  – We dug out a hip in a natural wind lip and rode it during a whole afternoon. We didn't have to go to fast to catch decent air. Those are the best.

Was this your first time to the resort? If so what did you think?

Thomas Delfino – Yes it was my first time to folgefonna. This place is so cool. You wake up with a huge breakfast and then drive on this crazy mountain road which is twisty as hell and so steep. The glacier is fully loaded with tons of snow. The shapers are so good and the park is so nice. You can ride till your legs are burning and you can’t walk anymore. Or if you still have enough power, hike up when the lift are closed for a sick sunset.

Then you have the chilling on the fjord and the fishing part. The fjords is so beautiful, You have all those steep slopes surrounding this salt water. There is really a special feeling over there.

William Lavigne  -Yes it was my first time, the resort opens sometime during May and close in July, it's a summer time resort. It reminded me a lot about the time I spent on whistler Glacier during the summer when I was younger, the weather and the snow are similar. The park run is long and really fun, you understand why so many Norwegian riders are so good. Top of the run you have all kinds of different rails and there is a line of 3 medium size jumps at the bottom that are pretty good to practice anything. People are really welcoming and let you do what you want kinda. There is no lifty and you can ride in between people in the lift. Really cool place to spend some time in the summer.


Why do you love snowboarding?

Thomas Delfino – To live those moments of pure joy. Method, Spray, Friends, Stomp, Air time. Sharing all this feelings with people who can understand it is really unique.

William Lavigne  – Snowboarding just got me, I fell in love...haha

What’s next for you?

Thomas Delfino – Ride more pow, into more crazy places, with new and old friends

William Lavigne  – We're on the second year filming for the new Deja Vu movie. This will be a priority for me. Pretty excited to start the season, find new spots or just play in the snow. I'm open to anything really, we'll see what happen.


Thomas Delfino – Oxbow, Rome SDS, Vans

William Lavigne  – Rome, RockStar, Quiksilver, Vans, Spy, Empire

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