Rome Snowboards presents ‘Find Snowboarding: FRENCH ALPS’

It’s fairly simply to throw together your gear, rally a few friends, and head to the nearest lift accessible resort in order to get your snowboarding fix. It almost seems a little too easy. Getting the chance to seek out new zones and untouched snow becomes more and more difficult with each passing day, but the Rome team went out of their way to make it happen. By focusing on terrain that was only accessible by splitboarding or hiking, Bjorn Leines and Thomas Delfino ensured that each step and every carve would be an adventure in and of itself, not really knowing exactly what they would find at the end. It’s difficult to accurately portray the type of grit and determination it takes to hike into the unknown, but these two do it with a smile.

“In the alps it’s basically only splitboard access. There are no snowmobiles, there’s no motorized vehicles.” – Bjorn Leines

Splitboarding is way different than any other kind of snowboarding. You really earn your turns. There are just your legs, and your skins, and you just climb up the mountain.” – Thomas Delfino

A topographic map is a beautiful thing, full of would-be lines, potential chutes and zones to explore. Potential is the key in this equation, since looking at something on paper is vastly different when you strap in at the top.

Thomas Delfino has lived in the middle of these maps figuratively and physically. He has adventured into the French Alps that surround his home in Grenoble, France countless times and every year he extends his season far into early summer; chasing the higher snow. It's this passion for snowboarding and the mountains themselves that brought he and Bjorn Leines together this past May. 

Being such remote and rugged peaks, hiking and splitboarding was the only way to access snow for Thomas and Bjorn. A game of calculated risks, timing and preparation found these two riding some extremely unique and treacherous terrain.


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