Fecal Matters Teaser

Grand County, Colorado is home to Colorado’s longest continually operated alpine resort. Spanning higher and wider than the Seven Territories of Winter Park, the Grand County area is also home to decades of snowboard history. In Fear Of A Snowboarding Planet, Ben Lynch, Ryan Arrington, and Jackson Fowler tapped into this snowboarding history to add old school 90's flair to their enriching 2015 film. After another year of scouring the slopes of the Grand County landscape, the crew has emerged with a trailer of their upcoming film, Fecal Matters. Continuing to incorporate the history of their mountains while expanding into new terrain, Fecal Matters is sure to bring you the best of Grand County, Colorado.

“Fecal does matter.” – Ryan Arrington

Fecal Matters. Teaser | TWSNOW

Finally Fecal Matters. Teaser!