Family Values and Filming a Full Video Part with Bjorn Leines | Insight

Bjorn, which means "bear" in Norwegian, is a veritable snowboard legend. From icy Minnesota handrails to AK lines, the Whistler backcountry to Utah secrets, the French Alps to Japanese forests, Bjorn's crushed spots around the globe. He competed in the earliest X Games and can claim Forum 8 alumni status. Bjorn's been a certified pro for over two decades—only a few others can claim the same.

Rather than stepping back, Leines has leapt into producing videos and running the glove and accessory company Celtek with his brother, Erik, all while filming video parts of his own. Bjorn is as red up about snowboarding as ever.

As a teenager, Bjorn and his Minnesotan family began spending winters in Utah, and this Midwest migration is something he continues to this day with his wife, Kristen, and two sons, Bear and Micaiah. When he's not filming in the winter he can be found lapping Brighton and Snowbird with his boys, whose stoke for snowboarding inspires his own riding and keeps him youthful. In the summer, you're more likely to find the Leines clan on their backyard moto track in Minnesota.

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