Alejandro Pablo Shreds the Steep and Deep at Cerro Catedral, Argentina

There's nothing quite like the feeling of slashing through unadulterated pow, and having it blast back on your face with all its wet and cold glory. It's a mixture of sheer bliss and adrenaline-filled stoke that leaves us satisfied, yet yearning for more. This selfie-edit of Alejandro Pablo ripping his way through fresh fluff at Cerro Catedral in Argentina is packed with pristine powder boarding and face shots for days. Sure, Pablo's not stomping any crazy tricks, but the simplicity of shredding through untracked snow is what we live for.

It's been a banger of a season for Cerro Catedral, near Bariloche, Argentina, and the snow just keeps stacking up. According to our go-to weather forecasting site, Catedral is due for another 20" dump later this week. We'll keep you posted on how things pile up.

More snow = more face shots.

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