The Search- Revel Ep. 2 : Senja Island

What happens when you unleash a crew of pro snowboarders and surfers in Senja Island in Norway? They hunt for waves of the white and water kind. In the second episode of the making of Rip Curl’s The Search – Revel, pro shreds Nils Arvidsson, Jessy Cornu and crew join their surf friends and explore the remote fishing village of Senja Island. Though there’s not much traditional riding in this episode, there’s plenty of culture clashes between the surfers and snowboarders. Watch it above.

Rip Curl The Search

Dude stew in Norway.

The Search – Revel is a 100% back country film by PVS company. Full movie available on December 28th.

Riders: Nate Johnstone (Aus), Nils Arvidsson (Swe), Jessy Cornu (Fra)

Friends: Jayce Robinson (UK) Dedi Gun (Indonesia)

Location: Senja Island – Norway

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