2015 Video Of The Year

[Justin Hostynek's speech starts at 3:50 in the video above.]

At what point does someone become a master of his genre? After producing 24 snowboard films, Absinthe's founder and director, Justin Hostynek, surely attained that status years ago in the eyes of the snowboard community. For that reason, it's hard to believe that, although they've been nominated in the past, this is Absinthe's first Riders' Poll win.

Perhaps this is a fitting year to finally claim the Video Of The Year title with Eversince. While the production house has traditionally focused on backcountry booters, AK lines, epic pillow stacks, and tricks captured in the midst of misty BC trees, over the past few years the films have slowly seen more street riding enter the mix. Eversince is close to 50 percent backcountry and 50 percent urban make it one of Absinthe's most diverse films, thanks in great part to the diverse group of riders.

A huge congratulations to Hostynek, snowboarding's longest running independent filmmaker, as well as his co-director Shane Charlebois, and Eversince editor Brock "Butters" Nielsen for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

We also applaud all the riders who put themselves on the line for their parts. Although filmers, directors, and editors all play key roles in the yearly scramble to produce a snowboard film, it's the riders who ultimately keep us glued to the screen.

Absinthe's Eversince crew, one hell of an epic squad. Photo: Andrew Miller

Absinthe’s Eversince crew, one hell of an epic squad. Photo: Andrew Miller

Eversince Roster

Keegan Valaika, Bode Merrill Brandon Cocard, Jason Robinson, Austen Sweetin, Manuel Diaz, Ozzy Henning, Max Buri, Scot Brown, Cale Zima, Mat Schär, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Lucas Debari, Fredi Kalbermatten, and Garret Warnick.

Eversince Trailer

The Riders' Poll 17 Video Of The Year Nominees Were:

Eversince, Absinthe
Encore, Deja Vu
Origins, TransWorld SNOWboarding

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