Nick Hyne Attempts a Record-Setting Euro Carve

Is this even a carve? This may be the most unofficial snowboard record set, but nonetheless, we're digging the effort. Nick Hyne of the Diaries Downunder crew tried to see how low he could go with a limbo-style Euro carve and managed to loop down a circle carve as low as 14 inches from the ground.


Nick Hyne going for it.

"This is the least official snowboarding record ever been set… someone's definitely gone lower, but 36 cm… I'll take it!" said Nick Hyne of his pseudo-record setting attempt which went down at The Remarkables Ski Area near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Thirty-six centimeters is the equivalent of 14.17 inches, or just over a foot, which basically is the same width as Hyne's upper body.  How low can you go?

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