Erin Comstock’s 2013 Full Part

Erin Comstock’s 2013 Full Part

Erin Comstock has had one hell of a professional snowboard career. She’s been in the game for 10 years, but it’s with this part that she’s hanging it up. Not hanging up the snowboard, because who could ever do that, but hanging up the video camera. This is Erin’s last part. But who knows. Jay Z said the Black Album was his retirement record, and look what happened with that…

A note from Erin:

As I end my final filming season, I want to thank everyone who helped me throughout my career. I made this last video part with all the passion I feel for snowboarding and the gratitude I have for how long I’ve been able to do what I love so much. My career goal has been to increase exposure for women shredders. I know there can always be more women snowboarding films and editorial out there!


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