Mike Rav recently went pro for CAPiTA snowboards, and in honor of his recent transition into the big leagues, we are excited to share his latest project with Brandon Cocard, a video and musical collaboration that showcases their talents both on board and in the studio. Congratulations, Rav!

EP stands for Extended Play, the term used for a record that has more tracks than a single but not enough tracks to be considered a full length. This project is written, recorded and filmed over a two week period in March 2018, in Truckee, CA. Mike Rav and Brandon Cocard create a project that combines the feelings of a snowboard session and garage jam session. The result is this, their first EP.

Download all the tracks from the recording session here.

1) Car Hole Groove
2) Snack Monk
3) Call Waiting
4) Chaos
5) Ghost Train
6) ET
7) I Get High

All Music Performed By Brandon Cocard, Mike Rav, Tim Eddy, and Keenan Faulkner Cawley.

Directed By Mark Dangler, Skylar Brent, Mike Rav, and Brandon Cocard.
Shot and edited by Skylar Brent.
Additional filming by Mark Dangler and Brock Nielsen.

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