The Elias GoPro Show : Alaska Birthday Bowl Celebration

The Elias Go-Pro Show documents the life of the snowboard pro Elias Elhardt on his trips around the world! Elias is riding the finest spots from Japan to Alaska and you get a view through the eyes of an outstanding rider.

Here´s what Elias has to say about this episode from AK: “Birthday Bowl is a outstanding face in Alaska, which is the best place for snowboarding I’ve ever seen. It’s as good as it gets! Watching Nicolas Müller year after year, shred this face with his insane snowboarding, it became a real dream for me, to be there also one day. That one morning it came true! Conditions where perfect and we flew out there first thing. I was super nervous. I was the last one to go and I wasn’t 100% sure what I would do. When I arrived at that lip I did the fs 540, without having it planed in advance. It just felt right there. After I landed on my feet again, I was just so mega hyped! Couldn’t be happier.”

Hell Yeah Elias!

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The Elias GoPro Show - Alaska Birthday Bowl Celebration