A couple hours outside Zurich, in the Swiss Alps, sits Laax. It's a quaint mountain village with plenty of terrain variety lying in the mountains that rise from it. Elias Elhardt cruised up to Laax for the annual banked slalom hosted at the resort. Banked slaloms are unlike most snowboard events because anyone with the ability to turn confidently is a qualified competitor. In general, between timed runs, this event format fosters a 'crew up and lap with your friends' mentality. The banked slalom gives a group of people a reason to come together and rip the resort.

Among the companions Elias encountered in Laax was Nicolas Müller. Listening to these two soulful and philosophical snowboarders can be as captivating as watching them. Often, when we witness their riding it is in a steep, deep locale, but seeing Nico and Elias cruising inbounds is refreshing.

Elias can speak at length on his appreciation for the act of snowboarding in all its forms. But despite the amount of time he spends far from chairlift access, the resort is still among Elias' favorite venues to ride his snowboard, and it shows through in this episode.

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