Elias Elhardt Insight Full Part – Available for 48 Hours

Sorry – time’s up! See Elias’ part in the Insight movie, available for download on all major video platforms, or pick up an Insight Book & DVD on our web store.

Elias Elhardt rides with unparalleled precision and with a passion that's second to none. His full part from Insight is available now for your viewing pleasure, but only for the next 48 hours. Check it out above.

"Elias is incredible to watch snowboard," said Insight director Theodore Muse. "His main comparison to snowboarding is dancing and it really looks like he is dancing his way down the hill when he straps in,” Theo continued.

“My best day filming with Elias was when we just put on snowshoes and explored around the side-country in Austria, we got four or five shots in one day,” said Theo about the ease of stacking clips with Elias. See all the shots they got and them some in Elias’ full part above.

Insight is now available on iTunes , click here to buy.


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