Elena Hight’s ‘New Hights’: Episode 2

After taking last summer off due to rehab from her hip surgery, Elena Hight looked at this year’s Dew Tour as a starting point to focus on progressing her riding and truly perfect and strengthen her runs. Elena’s tenth year of competing in the Winter X Games held just as much pressure as the previous nine. Talk about throwing her double backside alley-oop rodeo in halfpipe was a trending topic before the X Games. In this episode, Elena walks us through what it’s like experiencing the pressure from industry to perform at top level while still nursing and recovering from her hip injury from her previous season. A dedicated rider, it need not be said, but Elena rips. Her love for snowboarding is a true, strong love that we can all relate to.

“I snowboard because of the freedom of it. There’s really no feeling like being on your snowboard, being able to really do whatever you want to do.”

– Elena Hight