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Eiki Helgason is a creative master on his shred-stick and on his social media. As ubiquitous as Instagram is, Eiki decided that he wanted to create a new series that lives on the platform, and features easy to access clips. From this idea, his new series, #Braindomness was born. It will debut on our own @TWSNOW instagram on February 14, 2017 and a new episode will drop each week.

We caught with Eiki to get the scoop on what to expect, and probed his brain for thoughts on social media, pro snowboarding and beyond.

Eiki, where are you these days and how has your season been treating you so far?

I'm in Iceland, getting used to being a father! Me and my girlfriend got a little baby girl right before Christmas. The season here in Iceland has been super bad though, we only had about  nine days with snow so far so its not making it easy for me to film around here.

Tell us about #Braindomness. What is this and how did this idea come to be?

#Braindomness is an Instagram show, so one minute long webisodes made for social plateform. I think people now-a-days are getting too lazy to click on a link to watch full videos, so people only watch the instagram teaser and think they have seen the whole edit. So I thought it would be a good idea to try to make things as easy as possible for everyone. For those that want to watch the shows in full quality then you can find them on my YouTube channel as well.

What locations and type of riding will you feature in this series?

The theme for #Braindomness is this: I am gonna try to do as many new tricks as I can that have never been done before and each show will be about one trick. I think that fits my riding pretty good, I love to do some random things on my snowboard so I think each show can get pretty interesting!

What are your personal favorite elements of instagram?

I just like how simple it is. I'm for sure one of those lazy people that has a hard time getting away from Instagram, it's also such a nice way to engage with your followers.

Do you think social media has changed what we consider as pro snowboarders?

Snowboarding has changed a lot since I started. Before it was all about brands pushing riders but now since riders got strong social media accounts, it's all about riders pushing the brands. I think it's nice to have social media for sure. Being a pro snowboarder, I think it's a bad idea to try to avoid it, because that's basically shows how "popular" you are, and that is one of the first things sponsors look at now-a-days I guess.

What's else do you have up your sleeve this season?

I have been reactivating my YouTube channel and I got myself some good cameras. I really want to start making a lot of random edits through the whole season and kinda go back to the good old days! I already beed digging up some old bangers and making some new edits so check it out!

Anything else?

Thank you for reading this & please follow me on instagram: @eiki.helgason & Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: to see what i’m up to this season! Thanks a lot…

Stay tuned for the first episode of #Braindomness dropping exclusively on @TWSNOW on Tuesday 2/14.

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