Jeremy Jones took a break from his summer hobby of riding choppers and popped by the TransWorld SNOWboarding offices in Carlsbad, CA for this edition of Eddie's Wall. The Real Jeremy Jones, as he sometimes refers to himself as, has been in the snowboard game for over twenty years, and remains an icon and influencer. His style and passion for the shredding is evident, and there's no denying TRJJ has influenced throngs of riders from past to present. In this interview, Eddie fields a tons of questions that flooded in from Facebook Live viewers and Jeremy answers them honestly and even offers advice for some secret urban spots. Check out the interview in its entirety above and check out Eddie's Wall for past interviews with pro riders.

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About Eddie's Wall:

Eddie's Wall is a weekly series hosted by former professional snowboarder Eddie Wall. Eddie famously climbed up the pro ranks while working a night janitor job in Mammoth Mountain so that he could shred during the day. In just a few years, he became one of the biggest names in pro snowboarding, in addition to winning contests and putting out legendary video parts. Eddie is now a professional host and manages our @TWSNOW Instagram Account.

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