How to Get Ready for the Season – Eddie’s Wall Ep. 3

How to Get Ready for the Season – Eddie’s Wall Episode 3

There’s always some aspect of anticipation that hits when the first few flakes of the season start flying, or when the newest snowboard teasers begin to release. You’re mentally ready, sure, but what about physically? Maybe you skated every day all summer, or you were one of the lucky ones to make it out to summer camp. Let’s be honest though – there’s a really good chance you spent quite a bit of time hanging out inside with the A/C blasting, while ordering your third pizza of the week. It happens, we get it. Have no fear, Eddie Wall is here to get you whipped into shape. This week he catches up with pro riders Rusty Ockenden, Scott Blum, Tim Eddy, and Scott E. Wittlake in order to get some insider tips on how to prepare for snowboarding season.

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About Eddie’s Wall:

Eddie’s Wall is a new weekly series hosted by former professional snowboarder Eddie Wall. Eddie famously climbed up the pro ranks while working a night janitor job in Mammoth Mountain so that he could shred during the day. In just a few years, he became one of the biggest names in pro snowboarding, in addition to winning contests and putting out legendary video parts. Eddie is now a professional host and manages our @TWSNOW Instagram Account.

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