The East Coast is gearing up for a wicked good time

Video: Last Call 2013

Let’s see here: there’s a metric shit ton of snow forecasted for parts of New England over the next few days. From Friday to Monday there’s an approximate boat load of events going on all over the region. And it’s St. Patricks Day on Monday, which only adds to the promise of a wicked good time this weekend.

You see, fine folks of the internet, this time of March is right around when we all used to gear up for the US Open at Stratton, Vermont. Since the Open did the classic East Coast move of, well, moving Out West for a little while, New Englanders around have had to fill this gap that the Open left. Boarders all over the region have stepped up and are putting on a slew of events that promise to be just as good a time, celebrating the large community and spirit of East Coast snowboarding, which over the weekend will play out in a few ways: catching air, going wicked fast, and boarding on stuff that probably shouldn’t be touched by P-Tex. And hopefully a few fires.

Merrick Joyce does a FS Air on the Loon Mountain Wallride at Last Call 2013. Photo: Mike Azevedo

Merrick Joyce does a FS Air on the Loon Mountain Wallride at Last Call 2013. Last Call is a staple of the East Coast season. Photo: Mike Azevedo

Here’s the rundown:

Friday is the Mike Baker Banked Slalom at Ragged Mountain, New Hampshire. This is going to be one hell of a time. Everybody should start off the weekend with this one. Or there’s the Northeast Meltdown at Wachusett, Mass. Whatever you’re closest to, get to it.

Saturday is both Lib Tech’s Near Canada Open at Sunday River, Maine, as well as the first day of the Sugarloaf Banked Slalom, headed up by Seth Wescott at Sugarloaf, Maine. Tough to pick between these two: fastest Men’s and Women’s times  in the Sugarloaf Banked Slalom get spots in the legendary Mt Baker Banked next season, but the Near Canada Open is going to be friggin’ insane. If you want to catch air and ride a sick mini/jib pipe, head to Sunday River. If you just want to board fast, head to the Loaf.

Sunday is Back To The Boneyard at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. There’s also the finals of the Sugarloaf Banked Slalom. If you were already at the Loaf for day one of the race, stay there, because you get to race Sunday too and could potentially get yourself a spot at Baker. If you opted for air at the Near Canada Open, head over to Waterville for Back To The Boneyard and keep logging air time.

Monday is St. Patricks Day. But most importantly, it’s Last Call presented by Eastern Boarder at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. You should be at this one no matter what.

That's last year's Near Canada Open setup at Sunday River, Maine. This year's is going to be even sicker.

That’s last year’s Near Canada Open setup at Sunday River, Maine. This year’s is going to be even sicker.

Also a shout out to last weekend’s Carinthia Open Mega Plaza (COMP) at Mount Snow, Vermont. That shit looked sick. Wish we had made that one.

So choose your own adventure:

Mike Baker Banked, Sugarloaf Banked, Last Call…

or Mike Baker Banked, Near Canada Open, Back To The Boneyard, Last Call…

There are the ingredients: air time, speed, and fun. It doesn’t get much better than that and any way you do it, it’s going to be a wicked good weekend.