Dylan Thompson Photo Andy Wright
Dylan Thompson Photo Andy Wright
Dylan Thompson Photo by Bob Plumb
Dylan Thompson Photo by Bob Plumb
Dylan Thompson Photo by Bob Plumb
Dylan Thompson Photo by Bob Plumb

Dylan Thompson Clipped Up: Full Part

Dylan Thompson busted his ass last year to produce one of the gnarliest urban parts this year. Here is ‘Dylan Thompson Clipped Up’ presented by Monster Energy. We caught up with Dylan about his season filming and plans for next year.

When last season did you find out FODT wasn't making a movie?

I guess we all found out around January of last year. We all went into the year thinking that we were going to be making a movie, but it just kind of got tough.  Some people in the crew got hurt, and there wasn't a lot of budget, and the snow was just super rough everywhere; It just didn't work out. Once we found out I was just trying to get footage together and I was just hoping I could do something with it.

Were you nervous that all your footage was just going to get lost?

I really had no idea at the time. I was thinking that maybe I could give it to another video, or another project or something. But I always had in the back of my mind that I could at least get it out in a web part.

What's the biggest difference between SLC and Hood River?

Well the biggest difference is that in Hood River it rains all the time in the winter, so that's kind of rough. Out in Utah it's a little easier to get work done, like filming and things. It's easier because a lot of times you're filming in SLC so you're home, and it's also central to travel out of.

Did you like filming your webseries this past summer? Think you will do another one?

Yeah, it was a lot of fun doing it. It was kind of stressful in a way. Just being responsible for it to happen. But I think it turned out cool. I don't know if I would do a summer one again though. It kind of became more work and shredding than I really wanted to do during the summer. But doing a web thing in general is sweet. It gets your stuff out there for everyone to see for free. So that's cool.

What are you going to do this winter? What's your plan?

Well I'm filming for the TransWorld movie this year. I also have Cole Taylor working for Monster, and he's going to be filming me. So I'm also going to be filming for this Bode Merrill project that Monster's doing.

Are you hyped to snowboard with Bode?

Yeah I am. We're going on a trip tomorrow actually. (That's actually today. I interviewed Dylan yesterday-Hondo) We're going somewhere in Canada. So that will be pretty sweet. I'm looking forward to that.

Who's your favorite snowboarder of all time?

Of all time? Shit that's a hard question. I guess I would say Justin Hebbel. Like he was really killing it and he was my favorite at the time when I was getting into watching videos and hitting rails. He was just a big influence on me.

Dylan Thompson Clipped Up Full Part Video

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