Dragon #weareframeless tour: Brighton

Some of the Dragon ams are touring around the western US in a van. First stop: Brighton, Utah. Dragon has one of the best am teams around right now.

Blake Paul
Spencer Schubert
Jordan Small
Tommy Gesme
Brady Lem
Alex Yoder
Griffin Siebert

Filmed By:
Colton Feldman
Kyle Martin

Edited By:
Colton Feldman

Dragon would like to thank:
Brighton Resort
Justin Meyer
Brad Saffin
Rick Irons
Jared Winkler
The Brighton Diggers
The Maintenance Crew
Milo Sport
Salty Peaks
Blindside Boardshop
Mike Lowder
Shaun McBride
Sam Taxwood
Zander Blackmon
Ben Bilodeau
Tyler Bellow