Adding more epic shots to his short film Discover Chile, Jake Blauvelt takes us further into his Chilean passion project. The Extended version reveals Jake’s inspiration behind this magical trip to the Andes and an in depth look on how he made it happen.

“Ride along with Jake Blauvelt and get to know the people who made this snowboard adventure possible. ‘Experiencing Chile is a true treat and getting to roam the Andes on snowmobiles with Dos Tiempos and stay with a local family in Lo Valdes made it that much better. Can’t wait to get down there again!’ Said Jake. Featuring Cristian Wehrhahn & Paulo Audisio of Dos Tiempos guide service.
Directed by Nathan Avila of Collab Films.” – COLLAB FILMS

Discover Chile with Jake Blauvelt: Extended Cut | TWSNOW

Finally Discover Chile with Jake Blauvelt: Extended Cut