Turning is the root of riding, and Josh Dirksen is known for laying down some of the purest arcs in the game. He has what is arguably the most iconic heelside turn in snowboarding, along with top finishes in events like the Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom which showcase his consistency and power when it comes to laying an edge.

But it wasn't always about the turn for Dirksen. For many years, Josh was at the forefront of freestyle advancement with the famed Robot Food bunch. As Dirksen has grown older, his riding has become more focused on its essence. Progression for Dirksen is grounded in style and the search for new terrain.

While Dirksen spends summers with his wife and daughter in Switzerland as a lifeguard on Lake Zurich, his kickoff to the season begins in December with the Dirksen Derby at his home mountain, Bachelor. Dirksen orchestrates the madness of this banked slalom fundraiser with the same grace he demonstrates as he glides though the course intermittently and unannounced.

For many, this event signifies the beginning of the snowboard season. The Dirksen Derby is an unofficial meet-up for the snowboard industry, and riders will crew up here to embark on their season's first journeys. The popularity of the event has grown to the point that spots are gone almost as soon as registration opens—like Coachella, except colder and with fewer headdresses.

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