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All Photos: Danny Zapalac

Digital Detoxing with Pat Moore, Dan Brisse, and Curtis Ciszek

Last spring we posted up in Pemberton, BC, Canada with Pat Moore, Dan Brisse, and Curtis Ciszek and put down all things digital for almost five days. To stay true to the idea of going digital-free, filmer Jake Price and photographer Danny Zapalac came along to capture the whole thing on film. Read the full story about the how the crew handled a digital detox at the height of filming season in our December issue.

This video was shot on 16 mm and Super 8 film over five days.

Here’s what Jake Price thought of it all.

What were the challenges for you shooting this trip only on film? 

None. I wish I could always shoot film—still to this day it’s the purest form of filming snowboarding. There is a reason why the Hatchetts, Mack Dawg, [Justin] Hostynek, and many others have used 16 mm for the majority of snowboarding’s history. You really cannot replicate the amazing surprises film will bring.

Did you feel more connected to the experience shooting with film rather than digital on this trip?

It’s definitely a more hands-on approach and a lot more fun to shoot. Just the sound of the camera alone makes you feel more connected.

How often do you shoot film versus digital when you have the choice?

Luckily, Volcom and Veeco Productions allow me to shoot a bit of film all winter long. We definitely try to stay close to the roots of Volcom’s classic films, which were shot on many different film formats. I love the character and flaws of the footage when you get it back from developing. Digital is so predictable.

What was your favorite moment from this trip?
My favorite moment wasn’t even on the trip, it was getting the film back and realizing it all turned out. It even eventually accounted for about 75 percent of Pat Moore’s double medal winning Real Snow part.

Did you feel like you learned anything from being digitally disconnected for five days?
It was sort of like going on vacation for a few days. I learned that I need more vacations.

Would you do it again?
When the vacation ended, I realized I didn’t miss a thing. I’ll do it again anytime.

Turn your computer off and get outside today


Pat Moore. PHOTO: Danny Zapalac