Next time you’re out in Innsbruck, check for these guys cruising random features and pissing people off in the streets.

From Different Direction:

Each year it’s snows in Innsbruck but usually it just gets wet and dirty the next days. This year a heavy cold period kept it white for a while and we could snowboard a lot in the streets of Innsburck. Our daily routine for about 3 weeks: Meet for coffee and breakfast, discuss spots, drive there, hang out, have some fun, get back home, send spot pictures in a whats app group, sleep, repeat.

While we save some shots for our movie, there still few fun shots coming to you now. Simon Pircher, Paul Tiefenbacher, Steve Grumser, Michi Schatz, Peter Walchhofer, Christoph Schwarz, Christoph Wagner & Raffi Kossmann show one more time how much fun it is to cruise random stuff with your snowboard.

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