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Diary Days will profile the individuals at the heart of the New Zealand snowboarding scene and get to the bottom of their motivation behind devoting their life to the mountains.

By conversing with each individual through an in-depth video Day in the Life episode, the Diaries will uncover a realistic insight into each character's daily occurrences.

Meet Bryan Shaw.

Originally hailing from the East Coast of the USA, Bryan has now made Queenstown home for himself, his kiwi wife Freya and their cheeky son Zaryd.
Bryan has been a man of the shred for a number of years now and possesses a plethora of talents from skating and snowboarding to welding and porridge making.
Heck, according to Freya, the man even makes a world class cup of tea! He always puts a biscuit on the side apparently (great tea etiquette).

Have a peep at a Day in the Life of Bryan and meet the man who can back up the few words he divulges.