Dew Tour Nike Snowboarding Streetstyle contest in downtown Breckenridge

Photos Nick Hamilton

Video by Justin Gunson

Dew Tour Streetstyle In Downtown Breck

The Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships debuted their first ever Nike Snowboarding Streetstyle competition last night in downtown Breckenridge.  Eric Beauchemin brought the most technical and creative tricks to the street course, winning the first place prize in a field of 12 riders.  His runs throughout the contest included a cab 360 on the gap to down barrier and a variety of slides on the final dumpster feature.

"This contest was out of control," said Beauchemin, following his win.  "I've never done anything like this before, in the streets of Breckenridge with all these different features.  Everyone was killing it."  Beauchemin also expressed his hope that the event would return next year.

The urban-inspired event utilized authentic street features to create a unique snowboard competition.  The contest shut down Washington Avenue at the corner of Main Street with a set up that pushed riders to use their creativity and style.  The riders began their run by dropping in from the back of an elevated flatbed truck, and then faced the option of sliding a Toyota 4×4 van, or gapping an up-down set of concrete jersey barriers.  The course continued with a left side wallride above a dumpster and a roll off container that offered the option of sliding the side support, or hitting the rhythm section to air a trick out of the container.

Nike Snowboarding Slopestyle Final Results

  1. Eric Beauchemin
  2. Jamie Nichols
  3. Sam Hulbert
  4. Dash Kemp
  5. Austin Hein