When Bald E-Gal Productions set out to create their movie Hooks and Hammers, they rallied the top amateur snowboarders and videographers in the Midwest with the goal to promote snowboarding, video making, rad music, and friendships. If you saw the Hooks and Hammers, you would know that’s exactly what they accomplished. Now, picking up where Bald E-Gal Productions left off, Cryptic Films took a shot and made a full feature of their own. Staying true to the theme of promoting snowboarding, videography, music, and friendships, Decoded also adds elements of style, technique, and progression. Featuring Benny Milam, Drew Poganski, Jeffy Gabrick, Joey Peterson, Krister Ralles, Kyle Kennedy, Oliver Dixon, Shane Ruprecht, Cody Beiersdorf, and Brady Lem, this cast of return riders and new faces creates a great chemistry making Decoded a one of a kind film.

Decoded - Cryptic Films | TWSNOW

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