DCP Full Part from The Balance Movie

DCP has been snowboarding for 24 years. Let that number sink in a bit. That’s longer than most of our readers have been alive. For a lot of riders, surfing and skating supplement riding during the warmer months, especially for DCP. The Balance Movie takes into account all three of these activities that often times round out a rider’s abilities and keep them going when the pow levels might be low, or when weather is an issue. DCP’s powerful riding style never ceases to get old, so definitely take the time and check out his full part from The Balance Movie.

If you were stoked on his part, don’t forget to support the project and buy yourself a copy of the movie on iTunes or Vimeo On Demand.

DCP Full Part From The Balance Movie | TWSNOW.com

DCP, Eagle Pass Heli. Photo: Chad Chomlack

About The Balance Movie:

For 'The Balance Movie' DCP reflects on Snow, Skate and Surf culture, looking at what brings people happiness into people's lives. From Indonesia to Shanghai, from Whistler to Norway, the global hotspots of boarding culture are explored. Here is the teaser, full movie coming Fall 2015.

Featuring Snow: DCP, Temple Cummins, Benji Ritchie, Clint Allan, Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Muller, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, JF Pelchat, Devun Walsh, and more.
Skate: Paul Hart, Rick McCrank, Mark Appleyard, Louie Barletta, Austen Sweetin, and more.
Surf: Pete Devries, Noah Cohen, Raph Bruhwiler, Sepp Bruhwiler, Carlos Munoz, Noe Mar McGonagle, Leon Glatzer, and more.