DC TRANSITORS is back for a second season and for episode one, the team returns to Japan for unfinished powder business, traveling through Hokkaido in true trains, planes, and automobiles fashion.

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Torstein Horgmo @torsteinhorgmo
Iikka Backstrom @iikkabackstrom
Justin Fronius @justinfronius
Sebbe De Buck @sebbedebuck
Jordan Morse @jmorse_
Stefi Luxton @stefiluxton

Content Production:
Sam Sosnowski @sskibino
Pierre Wikberg @pierrewikberg
Craig Gouweloos @craiggouweloos
Gabe Kocher @gab707_fpv
Andy Wright @andywrightphoto

Follow the DC Snowboarding team as they crew up and travel around the globe in a “holy shit, I wish I was there,” behind-the-scenes look into the blood, sweat, and beers of getting the shot. TRANSITORS is a unfiltered glimpse into the process of producing snowboarding videos, loaded with A-grade action and all-around DC good times. For TRANSITORS2, the winter road still beckons and this season the team hits the bricks, crossing the Pacific to Japan and Russia, heading to the great white Canadian North, and dipping below the equator to South America. From freezing nights in the streets to bluebird mornings in the backcountry and jet lagged days in between, experience this transitory migration in the raw, uncensored and hustle-fueled style that only DC can provide. Follow the madness @DC_SNOWBOARDING and dcshoes.com/transitors-video

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