Darcy Sharpe & Mark McMorris Win First Ever Snowboard Team Challenge at 2016 Dew Tour

Burton takes the win here at the first-ever snowboard Team Challenge at the 2016 Dew Tour. Some inclement weather rolled in, which meant no jumping, so instead, both riders from each team had three runs on the rail setup. This event has a unique twist, in that the two best scores from each of the two team members are combined for a grand total, which is the final score. Each rider got three runs to secure the highest score possible in order to boost the team’s overall ranking. Consequently, both riders needed to be seriously on point in order to come out on top.

Darcy Sharpe came out of the gate with a heater of a run, putting Burton on the board early. They maintained the top position, as the rest of the podium spots seemed to shift constantly. Seeing names like Reid Smith, Ted Borland, and Hans Mindnich on course and participating in a Dew Tour event was awesome, as they each brought their own unique style to what could have been another otherwise bland rail contest. Check the full video highlights above and below to see what went down.

First Place: Team Burton – Darcy Sharpe & Mark McMorris

Second Place: Team Nitro – Seb Toots & Marcus Kleveland

Third Place: Team Ride – Reid Smith & Brandon Davis

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