Danny Davis’ Peace Park 2015 Full Video

Peace Park is more than just another private session with some of the best riders in the world—it's an incubator that fuels progression in contest courses and public parks.

Now in its fourth edition, Danny Davis’s Peace Park was a chance for the 17 pros in attendance to set their imaginations loose on a constantly evolving setup, unlike anything they ordinarily ride. "The rider list is a mixture of people who have been coming since the beginning and people you watch throughout the year at contests, like, 'Oh, we should try to get him to come to Peace Park,'" says Davis. "Then when it comes time to make the final list, it's also like, 'Who's not hurt and who's filming?' With this you get to see how talented everyone really is—you get pipe guys like [Matt] Ladley doing big back sevens on jumps and slope guys like Roope [Tonteri] riding pipe."

This is Davis's vision manifested. There are no judges here, no scores, just five days to experiment on 1,200 vertical feet of berms, banks, rollers, and transitions large and small, snaking off the western ramp of Grand Targhee, Wyoming's Peaked Mountain.


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