Danny Davis X Games 2015 Winning Pipe Run

Danny Davis takes Superpipe Finals at Winter X Games 2015

Danny Davis won Superpipe finals at X Games 2015 in Aspen, Thursday night on his third and final run with a stylish set of tricks including a backside 720 nose grab to switch method to Cab 1080 earning a 93.66. Taku Hiraoka took second and Iouri Podladtchikov rounded out the podium in third.

Danny Davis. X Games 15. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

Danny Davis. X Games 15. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

“I actually think this is the first thing I have ever done back-to-back,” said Davis following the event. “It is a good feeling man, you feel accomplished. It feels like a good accomplishment. It means I am snowboarding well and I landed a lot of runs today. That is a good feeling,” he continued.

Shaun White’s winning ways and consistency waned as he was unable to cleanly land any of his three runs in finals. This was White’s first competitive snowboard event since his lackluster and similar performance in Sochi where he also placed fourth. White had a solid showing at pipe practice on Tuesday evening, but was unable to deliver the same performance tonight.

Shaun White. X games 15 PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

Shaun White’s first appearance at a Superpipe event since Sochi. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

It unknown whether or not White would compete until Wednesday afternoon, where he came into the press conference with assured bravado.

“I always carry a certain expectation in my mind at any event; that’s never changed. I show up and want to do the best I can, and obviously doing well this year at X Games would be great,”  said Shaun White, who has eight X Games gold medals under his belt.

“It’d be a nice refresh after everything that happened at the Olympics,” he said on Wednesday.

Fourth place was surely not the “refresher” White had hoped for, as this was the first X Games superpipe since 2007 in which he didn’t podium.  It will be interesting to see if and when White will return to completive snowboarding with this latest bungle.

“This means so much because I am not even two months out of ankle surgery,” Podladtchikov said after the event. “When I was looking at everyone having a blast at the start of the season, going out there riding – I was so jealous. I can’t believe I am back this quick and this feels so amazing,” he continued.

Iouri Podladtchikov came back strong following a recent ankle surgery. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

Iouri Podladtchikov came back strong following a recent ankle surgery. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

It was the coldest superpipe final in recent history with the temperatures hovering at eight degrees for the entirety of the evening. Despite the frigid temps, over 16,000 spectators turned out for the event, setting the bar high for the rest of the contests this week.

Watch Taku Hiraoka and Ipod’s second and third place runs here: snowboarding.transworld.net/photos/danny-davis-proves-style-prevails-superpipe-finals-winter-x-game-15/

X Games 2015 Superpipe Results

1. Danny Davis

2. Taku Hiraoka

3. Iouri Podladtchikov

4. Shaun White

5. David Habluetzel

6. Ayumu Hirano

7. Yiwei Zhang

8. Gabe Ferguson

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