Cryptic Films: Decoded Teaser

Cryptic Films: Decoded Teaser


PHOTO: Cryptic Films

Words: Derek Combs, Filmer/Editor of Cryptic Films

Cryptic Films is attempting to pick-up where Bald E-Gal Productions left off. Mike Thienes of Bald E-Gal gave dozens of people the opportunity to film and work towards a full part for an actual project and now we gave it our shot to make a full project of our own.

Most of the riders are past Bald E-Gal riders such as Benny Milam, Drew Poganski, Jeffy Gabrick, Joey Peterson, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht, and Cody Beiersdorf.


PHOTO: Cryptic Films

Kyle Kennedy, Oliver Dixon, and Brady Lem also helped us for our project in the winter, so they will have footage as well. The crew is mostly from Minnesota, which is known for its hefty winters. This past winter didn’t quite live up to our norm– we had snow for only a handful of weeks– so we had to try that much harder to make things work for the video.

The drop for the video is looking roughly around September-October and will be premiering in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Check out the first look at Decoded.

Cryptic Films | DECODED

Featuring | Benny Milam, Drew Poganski, Jeffy Gabrick, Joey Peterson, Krister Ralles, Kyle Kennedy, Oliver Dixon, Shane Ruprecht, Cody Beiersdorf, and Brady Lem

Presented by | Neff

Sponsored by | The Interior Plain Project, Trollhaugen, The Youth Shelter Supply, DC, Burton, WeatherMTN

Instagram | @cryptic_films

Media Partner | Transworld Snowboarding


PHOTO: Cryptic Films

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