"We're gonna build a huge homemade kicker, and get wild in the air." When Victor Daviet say this, you know that jump session is going to be insane. In this episode of Almo Film's new series in the lead-up to their full film, Victor and the French crew go massive in the backcountry of Areches Beaufort.

Check it all out now.

A film by : Morgan Le Faucheur

Produced by : Almo Film

Principal Cinematography : Ben Nardini, Evan Rouillard, Morgan Le Faucheur

Editing : Ben Nardini, Le Faucheur Morgan

Artwork by : David Tchag

Music Supervision : Alex Nebout, Morgan Le Faucheur

Starring :

Mathieu Crepel

Victor Daviet

Thomas Delfino

Sylvain Bourbousson

And Friends :

Victor de Le Rue

Sébastien Konijnenberg

Jørn Simen Aabøe

Johann Baisamy

Valérian Ducourtil

Perly Photographer

Cody Booth

Zach Clanton

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