Crap Show 2016 #2 : LAAX

The Crap Show is back with their second edit in 2016. Filmed under the blue bird skies that blessed LAAX over the holiday season, the crew enjoyed two weeks of sunny park laps to end 2015 and bring in 2016. Enduring the lack of snow that is consequential of sunlit lift rides, the Snowpark LAAX Crew conquered the difficult snow conditions and delivered a pristine park despite the lack of precipitation. The Crap Show dialed in and threw down hammers at LAAX. Check it out.

“We’re stoked to present a slightly longer Crap Show this time to start off 2016 and give you a taste of what went down over Xmas / New Years up here in LAAX. It’s been an insane 2 weeks with nothing but sunshine, smiles and good times all around. There was barely a cloud in the sky over the holidays, which consequently resulted in difficult snow conditions. But the Snowpark Laax crew rose to the challenge and managed to keep the NoName park in pristine shape and give everyone a fun playground to throw down on. If you don’t believe it, hit play and see for yourself.” – Snowpark Laax 

Crap Show 2016 #2 - LAAX |

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