Like a well-oiled machine, Copper Mountain has been firing on all cylinders all season. After opening day they quickly shifted into top gear and never looked back. The variety of features that Woodward Copper provides has kept everyone on their toes all season long allowing top riders from Summit County to dial in and expand their range of tricks. In the final Copper Chronicles heavy hitters Sy Moran, Zach Soderholm, Chris Corning, Hayden Tyler, Sean Murphy, Nate Haust, and Andrew Baker buckle in and put the pedal to the metal on some technical rails and some big jumps in their victory lap spring edit.

That’s a wrap on Season 1 of Copper Chronicles. See you this summer!
Featuring: Sean Murphy, Sy Moran, Nate Haust, Hayden Tyler, Andrew Baker, Zach Soderholm, Chris Corning
Filmed by Ryan Sheetz and Greg Bejian
Edit by Ryan Sheetz

Copper Chronicles - 3rd Edition | TWSNOW