Contest Kids are a very talented, hard working group of snowboarders. Inspired by a culture that's propelled by individuality and progression, these athletes continuously push the boundaries of snowboarding. Dedicating their lives to traveling the globe and competing in various contests, their passion for snowboarding is witnessed by millions of people around the globe and plays a significant part in growing the sport. Nailing trick after trick, they're masters in aerial maneuvers and creativity. As uniform as their snowboard style may look to the untrained eye, it's their individual flare and originality that separates them from the rest. After contest season ends, the Contest Kids got a chance to go unwind at Mammoth before they start training for the upcoming season.

“The team unwinds their season with sunny park laps and sunset shoots in Mammoth. Last call with Eric Beauchemin, Red Gerard, Kyle Mack, Nik Baden, Brock Crouch, Brandon Davis, Karly Shorr, Hailee Mattingley, Jessika Jenson, Chas Guldemond, Chandler Hunt, Chris Corning, and Ryan Stassel.” – U.S. Snowboarding 

Film/Edit: Drew Hastings

Contest Kids Ep6- Mammoth Mixtape| TWSNOW