Colton Maddy shreds a Kmart to snowboard

This dude went a whole season shredding on this plastic snowboard. And he killed it too.


We wanted to find out more about Colton and the Kmart board, so we tracked him down…

So why did you decided to ride this thing?

Well, I found one in my basement and just started messing around with it. I was sparked by how challenging it was to ride, and I liked the reaction I got from people who saw me on it.

How much does that board cost? And where exactly did you get it?

I found the original board in my basement that my roommate picked up somewhere. Some friends gave the other two boards to me, I searched everywhere but apparently they’re pretty hard to come by. There are knock off ones in stores, but they’re not the same as the original tie-dye boards. So if anyone has one lying around I would be stoked to give it a good home.

Do you ever ride a real snowboard?

For sure. I have a handful of edits with the homies from this season.  We have edits up on Travis Doyle’s channel on YouTube, and on

How many of these boards did you go through a season?
I'm down to one of two boards from this season. They both cracked midway through the year but were mellow enough to ride until the end of the season.

What move was the scariest to try on the toy board?
It was probably the street down flat down rail or the back flip over the fence.

Did people ever give you any shit for riding this thing?
No, not in person, but everyone has something to say about everything you know? I’m just having fun.

What do you do during the winter?

I snowboard as much as I can, I skate the local indoor park, work, and chill with my girl and the homies.

What are you going to do for the summer?

I'm going to skate a bunch, ride my motorcycle and save up money to hopefully travel with next season.

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