Men’s Rookie Of The Year

[Cole's speech starts at 3:11 in the video above.]

Cole Navin's ender in the grassroots production, Rendered Useless, made him one of the most talked about up-and-comers this year. It almost seemed like he burst out of nowhere with a part that was worthy of any major film. But this quiet 19-year-old from Grafton, Massachusetts has been logging clips in the streets since he claimed the ender in a local Massachusetts video, Root 9, two years ago.

Tanner McCarty, Cole's team manager at RIDE, feels that his Root 9 part could have just as easily ushered Cole into the spotlight, it just didn't happen to get as much attention as Rendered. Even then, you could tell that Cole's trick and spot selection was on point. This fall, with the release of his Rendered part, it was clear that both his eye for features and his riding was more ballsy and yet more precise.

Now with a Riders' Poll Rookie Of the Year Title, a spot on RIDE's Global Am Team and an X Games Real Snow part recently under his belt, Cole has a rock-solid foundation for the future.

Cole Navin. Photo: Matt Roberge

Cole Navin. Photo: Matt Roberge


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Cole's remixed full part from Rendered Useless.

The full Root 9 movie. Cole's part starts at 7:17.

The Riders' Poll 17 Men’s Rookie Of The Year Nominees Were:

Cole Navin: Rendered Useless ender

Max Buri: Eversince, Absinthe part

Yuki Kadono: Winning 2015 Air + Style LA, winning 2015 Burton US Open slopestyle

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