A tribute to all of those who have served and supported Cobra Dogs this past summer. Looks like this season was one for the record books, both for slinging dogs and for shredding. The Cobra crew has always been an all around powerhouse in the kitchen and on the mountain. Dishing out quality street meat and keeping campers fed is just half of it. Check out the employees and the Ween Team turn up the heat in employees of the summer.

“Well, Folks, we hate to say it. But, the Summer Ween Season has come to an end. We had a heck of a time, though! We’d like to thank all the ladies and gerbils that came to share our summer with us. If you had a HotSnake, heard a Squirt Alert, threw a Dodgeball, or bought a Hoody, we love you all for it! This video is a short expression of how our summer went and, more specifically, a tribute to our incredible Employees and Ween Team. Most companies have an Employee of the Month. But we here at Cobra Dogs like to applaud everyone for a whole summer of greatness. We wouldn’t be here without y’all!” – Cobra Dogs

Cobra Dogs- employees of the summer | TWSNOW

Finally Cobra Dogs: employees of the summer!