Circum Volution – Trailer

“Circum Volution” is defined as the act of turning around on a central axis. For lots of snowboarders, this act starts at the 180 stage, but as people progress as snowboarders, there’s no telling when the spinning on this axis may stop. Infinite room for growth. It’s really a simple act. Go off a jump, get air, spin, come back down. So simple, yet such an intricate process that takes time to master. As snowboarders, we aim to find our own flavor on the axis and are constantly developing our styles and unique was of rotating. Check the trailer for RAD Movie Production’s third project Circum Volution, as it features eleven riders in four chapters, and showcases the simple and most important idea of spinning around on a board. Full-length dropping very soon. Starring William Arnold, Yannick Imboden, Pierre Clivaz, Jonas Zbinden, Roberto Zumstein, Ariana Bellwald, Tim Basler, Markus Stoffel, Valentin Zimmermann, Matthias Schwestermann, Jannick Jungo and friends.

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