Think twice about investing in property around Mt. Hood, it ain’t safe from Chuuch’s Home Invasion. Featuring Tanner Seymour, Cam Week, Leif Draznin-French, Casey Mitchell, Reilly Tardiff, Will Bickerstaff, Ian Sullivan, Corey Caswell, Casey Tratz, Jake Day, Griffin Frigaard, Colton Carroll, Conor Carroll, Seamus Foster, Forest Bailey, Keaton Rodgers, Dalton Villatorres, Jagger Heckman, and Kai Polendey.

Directed by Leif Draznin-French.
Filmed by Leif Draznin-French, Cam Weeg, Arlan George, Corey Caswell, Will Bickerstaff, Kai Polendey, and Tanner Seymour.

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