Watch the Top 3 Winning Runs from X Games Olso 2016

Chloe Kim is on fire, and just snagged her fourth consecutive superpipe win of the season at the inaugural X Games in Olso, Norway. Kim solidified the win with her first run, but earned additional prestiges and bragging rights with her second run, which was awarded a 98.00— The highest score ever earned by a woman in halfpipe at the X Games. Kim's second run was pretty much flawless and included a massive method on her first hit, then back to back 1080's, and ended with a frontside 540 before she ran out of pipe.

Following this impressive run, Kim was clearly elated and said, "This is so unbelievable, Oslo is such a beautiful place and I'm just so grateful to be here." Then she realized the enormity of the tricks she stomped and exclaimed, "This is insane!"

At just fifteen years old, Kim has already notched her name in superpipe history books and continues to progress the sport. A few of Kim’s accolades include youngest female to stomp back to back 1080s in a contest, earning three consecutive X Games golds, and being the youngest competitor in X Games history to win a gold medal (2015).

Watch the top three winning runs from X Games Olso 2016. 

Gold — Chloe Kim

Silver — Kelly Clark

Arielle Gold — Silver

Stay tuned for a full recap dropping from Oslo soon.

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